Thursday, November 30, 2006

Life is busy

Its been a while since I've posted :) Since the last time... I've been to Texas, been home for thanksgiving and I've decided to buy a Nintendo Wii. More later ;) Tonight I'm going out for a fairly expensive diner courtesy of Big Blue! :-D


MrMacman2u said...

Well I've let you slack off SO far, but I'd best see something here shortly or, or..... I'll be really sad ;-)

Nintendo 4 teh Wiin! As you probably already know from a the 30 minute play test you had, you'll love it!

Hope you enjoyed your dinner, did Tiff join you or was it workers only?

Jason said...

Tiff was there at the dinner :) We had fun!

Wii! Amazing!

Sorry about not posting for a month. I will work on that :)