Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Not much to report :-/

Life has been boring the last few days, but the Photo Plus expo is coming up!! I'll get a chance to see the K10D and maybe even take some pictures in NYC.

Also, thanks to a cool (but very poor quality scan) PDF I found by googling "Tinker Tubes" I found some great plans for building pro quality lighting equipment out of PVC pipe!! This is cool because I don't believe in paying $600 for some light stand and a sheet of semi-transparent material. Tom and I may be building one or two items from this PDF some time soon... time, money and tools permitting :)

IN OTHER NEWS... the Avalanche have won 2 in a row, they beat Columbus tonight 4-2 with Joe Sakic picking up a goal and Hejduk with an assist!! They still only have 12 points and are 2nd to last in their division :( 15th in the leage overall, just as middle of the road as you can get.

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Your journal is the same exact formate as mine :)