Friday, December 29, 2006

Holy lots of stuff!!

Ok, its been a while. Lets catch up....

Around November 20th Tiff and I went to Texas for Travis' boot camp graduation. We were scheduled to fly out of Syracuse at 6:30pm on Wednesday but thanks to inclement weather in Cleavland (our layover destination) we ended up getting delayed until about 7:00 pm. Thanks to the delay we were actually scheduled to miss our connecting flight to Austin by over an hour but, luckily for us, the weather in Cleavland delayed that flight as well :) We ended up getting there JUST in time to get on the flight to Austin. We were rushed from one gate right to the other and right back on a place for a 2.5 hour flight. We then drove from Austin to San Antonio in our rental vehicle and arrived at Lackland air force base at about 2:30 am.

Travis' graduation was cool and everyone was very happy to see him for the first time in months. They had two or three different events for families and such. We spent most of our time walking around the base and attending his graduation events. I took lots of pictures and in due time I'll even post some of them!!

About a month ago we got a Nintendo Wii. I didn't plan on getting one but then I played one at Tom's house on Thanksgiving!! After 5 minutes I was hooked! It lives up to the hype and provides a genuinely different, fun and energetic gaming experience that you will not soon forget. Everyone we've shown our Wii to since we've gotten it has been absolutely taken up with it. In fact, my family has already started saving for it, I brought it home for Christmas so I could show everyone!! Tiff's family couldn't get enough of it either. We were up until 5am playing the thing on the 22nd. I think they will eventually buy one.

Christmas has come and gone. It was very nice to see everyone. We had a very busy but oddly a relatively argument free and enjoyable time :-D Tiff made lots of food and spent a great deal of time planning a party and cooking and cleaning. But I think she managed to find some time to enjoy herself in there. Santa was good to us again this year. He provided us with some new computer chairs so we don't have to sit in kitchen chairs at our computers anymore. I got a wall mount corner shelf unit (and a book light) so I have a place to put my book that I like to read at night. I also got a new sweater and a tin of those yummy butter cookies. Tiff got some coffees, teas, a Friends trivia DVD game and the Let's Make a Deal DVD game. Tom was good to us ;) I got the second Wii Nunchuck controller I was looking for and Tiff got a bottle of really expensive Bio-Silk.... It's some crazy hair care product. We both got other miscellaneous things but those are the highlights. We got Zach an MP3 player for xmas/birthday. I think he likes it. Travis got a very well put together photo album that Tiff spent forever on. It has pictures in it from the summer before his high school graduation and his experiences in boot camp and graduation. Most of the pictures were *expertly* taken by a skilled photographer using a very nice camera ;) hehehe... Ok ok, I know I'm not that worthy of praise!

Soo... that catches us up to the current time! Only a few more interesting things to note. One, Tom was unfortunate enough to get a pink slip for xmas from his employer. Apparently they wanted to hire someone for his position that could move up to management. I'm assuming Tom is not qualified because his degree is in Graphic Arts..... and we all know how hard the business majors works in college... ahem..... I think maybe his work ethic is simply too high for a management position... keep in mind.. this IS a government job! So anyways, he is looking for a job anywhere he can find one. He is actually following up a possible job somewhere in our area :)

Tera got her splint off yesterday!! She has this odd infection underneath it and a raw bloody spot where it was digging into her leg for so long. We have pills to feed her to clean up the infection so hopefully she'll soon be fully recovered.

Finally, last night we decided to fully rearrange the living room. I'll post pictures and maybe (if I don't get too lazy...... yea don't expect anything) even a floor plan showing the changes. We now have a lot more space in the living room and we increased the distance from the Wii to the TV from about 3-4 feet to about 7-8 feet. This will make for a much more Wii-markable experience!

Ok, now that I've caught up I need to go finish cleaning our newly laid out living room and finish being sick... Tiff and I BOTH got sick for Christmas. We're, hopefully, on the upswing now though.

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MrMacman2u said...

OMFG TXT!!! ^_^

Good to see you on here again, thought you had wandered off ;-)

I would write more but 2 things, 1 I got the majority of this already ^_^

Two, I've got to get my duff moving *laughs*

As for the x-mas gifts for the both of you, they were dead even, give or take 50 cents or so.... Actually you can TAKE 50 Cent, sister has been listening to his (c)rap lately (blegh. *Turns up Oasis louder*)