Saturday, October 14, 2006

Binghamton Senators! :-P

Hockey season has officially started and the Colorado Avalanche are off to an okay start grabbing 4 points in three games. Meanwhile Minnesota and Buffalo are both undefeated after 4 games. Hopefully we can grab two more points in tonight's game against Edmonton which won't be televised in the Binghamton area. :(

In other news I'm going to a B-Sens game tonight! Pictures are sure to follow!!

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Anonymous said...

hey jason...your bro here..I never seen this kind of set up as like a info thingy or w/e the hell it is. It's kinda cool but Id be too lazy to update it everyday...cuz im not on the comp. every day so yea..everything at home is fine, me and sarah just had our 6 month anniversary today 10-14-06 and ill be 18 soon!! YAY well ttyl byebye