Monday, November 17, 2008

Calling all Nokia N800 and N810 owners :-)

Anyone out there run GPE-Calendar on their Nokia N800 or N810 Internet tablet? If so, I've got a treat for you :) Just recently I got so fed up with the default alarm from GPE-Calendar that I decided to grab the code and fix it. For those who have not had the displeasure of hearing this alarm it sounds like a British ambulance siren and it runs continuously for a full 2 minutes when it goes off. Better hope your office mate is not alone with it when it goes off or you may find your N800/N810 in pieces when you come back!! It is sooo annoying that I leave my N800 on mute most of the time so it does not go off when I'm in a meeting at work. Because of this I've been late to a few meetings, the most recent of which prompted me to fix this annoyance within this otherwise awesome calendar program.

My patch modifies GPE-Calendar (only if ./configured with --enable-hildon) such that it DOES NOT use the normal gpe-calendar alarm interface. Instead when an alarm is due to fire it creates a Maemo alarm event set to fire immediately! The Maemo alarm interface is the default/built-in alarm interface for the N8xx series. It provides snooze capability, custom snooze timeouts, and, most importantly, custom alarm sounds!! Just replace /usr/share/sounds/ui-clock_alarm.mp3 with any mp3 of your choice and GPE-Calendar will play it to alert you of your impending obligation.

For those interested my current patch can be found at the end of this post. If you do not waish to download the 400MB+ development environment for the N800/N810 and fight through learning to compile GPE-Calendar and all of its dependencies send me an e-mail (or leave a comment on my blog ( and I'll send you my gpe-calendar binary which *should* work as a drop-in-replacement for your /usr/bin/gpe-calendar if you are running
the version of GPE-Calendar available at .

I've sent an e-mail to the gpe-mailing list including my patch so I can work on getting it accepted into their code repository. In the mean time, I'm posting the first version of this patch here ( for the benefit of anyone who cares.


The girl who painted trees said...

Hi, I'm very interested in this "fix", could you send it to me (just take all the * out). Thanks! javier*cerdas*@*yahoo*com

Anonymous said...

please tell me how to use the diff file i just downloaded to change my gpe alarm/eurosiren; or did you mention a simpler option? linux novice, don't want to do anything stupid. no instruction is too simple!

Anonymous said...

hi, i am veryy interested in the binary replacement. please tell me where to download it or send it to francisco AT iacobelli DOT cl
thanks a lot!!!

Vadi said...

I'm not sure if you gonna read this message... well, it's already 2009... =)
If you can send the binary to vadikus_at_gmail_com that would be just perfect.

Eduardo Mercovich said...

That's a great fix!

I would be interested in that binary, and of course would vote to include it in the GPE normal distribution.

If your can send it as suggested (or I can download it from a URL) I would be very grateful: myname DOT mysurname AT gmail DOT com

Thanks for this great fix. :-)



Anonymous said...

I would love to have this alarm functionality. Please send it to me if you can! uhale at hotmail . com.


Anyone know if it is possible to give events an alarm by default?

Anonymous said...

Jason, that's exactly what I need! Can you please email it to me at ragbag1 at netzero dot com? I REALLY appreciate it, and hope that you still have it available. I'm amazed that it's still not part of the app now in the middle of May, 2009!

Anonymous said...

Can I please get a copy of your GPE-Calendar binary patched to use the N800 Alarm system? Wonderful idea!

Thanks a lot,

p a r o i k o i

DonV said...

Hi, are you still willing to send the binary? I see the latest GPE calendar in the Maemo repository is dated SVN 20080114, so it can't possibly contain your patch.

I loathe the existing alarm sound!

Please send it to me at the address linked to my account. Or if you can't see that, use (remove the "DELETEME").

Is there any way I can help lobby to get your change to result in a patched official release? Just let me know.